Conferência Internacional de AIDS de Viena

Dr Adams has been an HIV doctor for over 23 years. Based in Brazil, she now works for Projeto AMMOR (, a non-governmental organisation, for people living with HIV. With her HIV medical background, she brings a special contribution to the organisation as she can help explain HIV and AIDS, and subjects like drug resistance and undetectable viral load to the people she is supporting. She also helps advocate for access to treatment, often writing medical reports that will be presented to a judicial panel by their human rights lawyer. “Judges aren’t doctors so you have to put the case in clear language so they can understand it”, she says. Irene finds the NAM resources invaluable – she took copies of the drug chart from the stand and she will give them to each of the project workers. Irene has a good way of checking the information she is giving out is being understood. When she runs groups she lets people ask questions – and others in the group answer them. That way she can see what is being learnt or not and make sure people understand the key issues. The best way of testing you have understood something is to try and explain it to someone else.


Texto escrito durante a Conferência Internacional de AIDS de Viena, fonte :

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